Welcome to my blog!  I have gone round and round on how to kick this thing off.  In the end I decided to just start it with what will be the normal post.  No pressure.  It is amazing to me how stressful it is to think about writing a blog. icon smile W Family.. First on my blog

The W family was the last family I shot outside this year.  And good thing because it was C-O-L-D!!  But these guys rocked their session.  Here is how you can accomplish this… take a few pictures and then really quick put your jackets back on!  LOL!  Brother and Sister even cuddled together for warmth.  I don’t see my two kids doing this without some screaming going on!  *snicker*  However,  these guys were awesome together.

I was amazed at how quickly we were able to get finished.  The W fam were total pros.  I would get them into a pose and BAM.  Perfection.  Easy peasy.  Just check out the results!  Can you tell they are cold?  I sure can’t!  And I was there..freezing my fingers off!

w fam blog board ltp1 819x1024 W Family.. First on my blog

I just love this series up at the top of this board.  She was very determined to do her own thing out there in the field.  She even went WAY deeper than I had originally intended.  And that is saying something because I am pretty adventurous when it comes to traipsing around for good pictures!  Anyway, once we got out there she struck the first pose.  VERY serious.  Then she looked to see if I was actually shooting.  And then after letting her do her own thing for a bit I made a few suggestions and got the last shot.  LOVE!  And the sky back there with it’s little hint of pink is awesome!

blog board 799x1024 W Family.. First on my blog

 So if you followed me on Facebook this fall you have noticed that I developed an obsession with silhouettes.  They are soooo fun to take and participate in!  Every families is different and it show so much personality even without faces!!!  Anyway.. I couldn’t end this post without one.   The W Fam was the very first one to jump all at the same height.  Does this mean they are a very harmonious family?

family jumping silloutte little tootsies photography W Family.. First on my blog

Thanks for stopping by!  I hope to share my sessions here and some of my personal photos and fun I have with my kids!  So feel free to add me into your feed!

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