Valentine’s Day used to mean a nice romantic dinner out and a sweet card from my wordsmith of a husband.  Now I am praying we will all be well enough to sit at the dinner table!  This has been a rough winter for the Sheehans.  Virus after virus has come through our house making me wish for spring more than usual.  I have found that having more than one kid means that a bug lasts twice as long because they BOTH have to get it (and Momma gets it too but that is a different story).  I am very grateful that my husband Kevin 1. works from home and 2. hasn’t run out on us for self preservation purposes! icon smile Fun with my kids!   A Valentines Mini Session

Anyway, Valentine’s Day is now one of my favorite holidays to celebrate with the kids.  I love all the crafts, the decorations and I suppose it goes with out saying, THE PICTURES!  I have been happily pinning away throughout the year and soaking up all the inspiration I see.   As I watched the kids relationship develop this year I decided that a bow and arrow might be really fun.  They love to play games and can be “less than friendly” with each other.   (I suppose I am okay if you read “fight a lot” because they do.)  Because of this they really aren’t all about hugging and kissing.   So those dreamy images of brother and sister sharing a soda were not going to fly this year.  I am sure you guys can relate, right?  So in my head they would take turns aiming the arrow at each other and firing the arrow once or twice.  The reality?? Well.. here is how it went with the two of them.

outtake blog Fun with my kids!   A Valentines Mini Session

BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!  Yeah.  NOT so awesome.  The left is what I would call a definite out-take.  I don’t mind the right image too much.  I think it is kind of funny.  But NOT what I had in mind for my Valentine card.  (I send out valentines to my friends and family instead of Christmas cards because I am so busy with my business during that time of year.)  I think the kids had much more fun on our walk to find the sticks to make the bow and arrow than they did playing with it during our session. Sigh.

Here is what is going on the card.  (Just to warn you we LOVE to dance in our family so I included one of them rocking out to the music.  Love the look on my oldest Zoe’s face.  She is so zen.  icon smile Fun with my kids!   A Valentines Mini Session

valentine board copy Fun with my kids!   A Valentines Mini Session

See?  Those are more like it.  Real card material.  Whew.  And by the way?  My husband is the BEST assistant in ever.  He thought up a way (which will remain very tightly kept secret except if you are a client with kids like mine or attend my beginner photography workshop, Click it) to keep these guys laughing hysterically for this whole “session” (I am guessing we shot for a total of 15 minutes at the kids don’t stand for much anymore).

I can’t finish off this post without showing you some bow and arrow pictures that I actually like.  ;)  I took 10 minutes, a sheet of precious felt and some twine to create it after all!

arrow compilation copy Fun with my kids!   A Valentines Mini Session

Once I got Zoe going she did enjoy playing with the bow and arrow just like Merida.  I really wanted to get her pretty eyelashes and some more detail of the arrow.. but she was not having it.  I had used up my picture time with her little brother and her “rocking” images for her Valentine’s day card.  Stop back on Valentines day to check out her card and candy combo for her class!  I am really loving it.  And please keep your fingers crossed for me that she is well enough to go to school!  Do you have a great Valentine idea? Craft, Card, Anything??  Tell me about it or link me up in the comments!  I am always looking for new things to try!!

signature 300x110 Fun with my kids!   A Valentines Mini Session

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