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I am so excited to be starting a personal photojouralism blog circle with a group of other talented photogs I met through the discussion group Fearless and Framed.  Personal photojournalism is documenting an everyday activity that you normally wouldn’t think to photograph but is important to remember.  And the idea of a blog circle is you read my post and then click the link to go and see what bedtime is like through the lens of Jodi Byrne of JLB Photography.  After reading her post you will get a link to another photog, and so on.  I really hope that it will get me blogging. Because.. in case you haven’t noticed.. this blog is not really a blog at.all.  So let’s kick this off right, shall we?  

Our first topic for shooting was a sweet one!  A bedtime theme with the quote “the day is done. they say goodnight. and somebody turns out the light.” from the Going to Bed book by Sandra Boynton.  We used to LOVE this book when the kids were little and sometimes Colin still selects it for something to read during the day.  Bedtime routine around here has gone out the window for summer.  We are all over the place.  But I used this as an excuse to practice for school and what it will be like when we really do need to be on a schedule.  But what I realized as we went through these motions is that my favorite little moments.. the bedtime reading aloud and snuggles are about to end.  The kids just need some supervision for puffs and teeth brushing and then a kiss and they have their reading lights on.  Colin “reads” and sometimes Zoe reads aloud to him.  Which is super cute.  But it means that our rocker snuggle days are over.  There are so many things I love about these bigger kid days.  But I do miss the sweet cuddles of the bedtimes where we read the Going to Bed book almost every night.  <3  Anyway, enough words.  On to the images…  First up in our house is puffs and teeth:

puffs Clinging to our sweet bedtimetoothpaste Clinging to our sweet bedtimeblog 3 Clinging to our sweet bedtime

And then on to stories with Daddy.  We used to have a rocker as I mentioned which is now just far too small.  But I love how everyone just crams as close as they can to Kevin.  :)

reading story 1 Clinging to our sweet bedtimereading story 2 768x1024 Clinging to our sweet bedtime And finally after we have left the room everyone gets out their own reading light and settles in to read a bit more.  Zoe with her chapter book and Colin often with his journal to “write” or guys to play.  But tonight he really like the story we were reading so he went back to that. blog 9 Clinging to our sweet bedtimeblog 10 Clinging to our sweet bedtime Although sometimes I am just about done at bedtime this reminded that I should try to cherish this last year or so I have of story time and cuddles.  Because before I know it they will be putting themselves to bed!  Thank you for stopping by and looking through my family’s nightly routine.  Now head over to JLB Photography’s blog to check out how she does bedtime!