Moments. That’s what life is all about right? We can’t remember every single second so we remember the important things. Sometimes they are specific like the first time you see your baby smile or hear the words I love you from your spouse, other times they are not, like that face your baby made when they were six months old that just was so “him” or the way your one year old gazes at his dad like there is no one else in the room when he talks to him. Photography for me is all about capturing those moments. My goal for a session with you is to make you comfortable enough that we will bring out all the things that make your family unique. I want you to look at the pictures and say, “That’s how I picture my family in my head.” This means that your session will be a mixture of posed portraits and some less traditional shots.  I’m not a photographer who spends my time posing you and then saying, “SMILE!” Expect me to jump right in, show you the pose, and then start chatting with you and getting your family to interact. This is what pushes us toward capturing all the right moments.

When is the best time to book a session?

Right away!  As soon as you know you want to have your picture taken contact me via the contact form on this website or through Facebook. I tend to book at least a month in advance during the busy times of the year (summer and fall), but even if you are looking at this site off season, get on my calender now. If you are pregnant and looking at a newborn session, book when you are still pregnant. A newborn session is best when done during the baby’s first two weeks of life, so the sooner you contact me the better!

How long will a session last?

For a family or child session expect to spend between one to two hours with me. I will work for as long as needed to make sure we get all the images we are hoping for in your session (barring any kids who are melting down of course). For newborns the timing is a little different. Depending on the baby these sessions can last for up to 4 hours so we can have plenty of cuddle and feeding time between shots.

What days and times do you take sessions?

I prefer to shoot during the early evening hours. The light is the most flattering during these times and I can get some of the great backlit images you see in my portfolio. However, all of the good light in the world is not going to make up for a cranky kiddo. So if this timing does not work for your child, please let me know. Happy, well rested kids take the best photos no matter what the time. As for days of the week, I prefer weekdays but during the busiest times of the year I also take weekend sessions. Newborns seem to work best in the mid morning, as that’s when they seem most content.

Where do you take the pictures?

I can go anywhere in Cincinnati that you would like! But if you don’t have a specific place you would like the pictures taken I have a few favorite locations that I can suggest.  If it’s winter and you do not want to be outside I have an in home studio that I use for up to two children.

Will you help me decide what to wear?

Absolutely! I have suggestions available to email you if you would like, and I am also happy to look at anything you are thinking of purchasing. In general, it helps to think about your favorite clothing store and how they dress the families/kids in their ads. Try one of their color combinations. For the moms and daughters, things in your hair and earrings really help the picture pop as well.