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I am not sure if Zoe is aware that Target stocks an aisle full of the mass market valentines.  I am totally okay with that.  I am also aware that some day soon she will beg me for a Valentine with Tinkerbell on it.  So I am savoring this time when she is very happy to pick out a theme with me and then figure out how we are going to photograph that theme.  This year we found the “You Rock, Valentine” saying attached to the Pop Rocks and decided that would be fun.  Dancing?  Awesome!  Loud Music?  Let’s do it!!  But the minute we put on the headphones and I said, “Okay, Rock OUT!” I discovered that my vision of rockin’ out and a 5 year old’s vision are pretty different.  It does make for some good outtakes.  And really, as a Mom, I got some great captures of who she is as a little person right now.

We started with this interesting “Rock” face, followed by the running man.  No idea who taught her THOSE moves… icon wink Rock on   Creative Valentine Idea

valentine outake 1 Rock on   Creative Valentine Idea

I finally got some good shots after the running man because she naturally put her hand on her hip.  Does anyone else’s kid do this?  She LOVES to shake her hips.  It cracks me up.  Then we had a little headphone malfunction and she had to sing along to some song.  She is definitely her mothers daughter here.  If she knows three words to a song she will sing along and make up the rest!

headphone malfunction1 Rock on   Creative Valentine Idea

Okay, okay… I know you want to see the ACTUAL valentine.  I think it came out pretty cute.  They are 3×3 which is the perfect size for classroom valentines.  I attached them to the Pop Rocks with ribbon and tape.  You could easily do this without the pictures if you wanted.  Just some paper wrapped around the PopRocks and some markers!  Easy Peasy!

valentines 11 Rock on   Creative Valentine Idea
.Here they are up close…

valentine example Rock on   Creative Valentine Idea

*The digital scrapbook elements used were from Love You Beyond by Thaty Borges and Rock Out by Brittish Designs*

I will leave you with my favorite outtake from our rockin’ session… I love my girl!!

cute headphones copy Rock on   Creative Valentine Idea

Thanks for stopping by!  Comment with your Valentine idea.  Did your kids go store bought this year?  I hope you have a fabulous Valentine’s day with the ones you love!

signature 300x110 Rock on   Creative Valentine Idea

I have always wanted to enter the I Heart Faces image competition but I have never had an easy way to do it!  Now that I have the blog I plan to enter every month!  Yay!  Go check out the other images at I Heart Faces.  It is such a fun site!

This theme was VERY hard.  I have tons of photos that would fit.  But really two jumped into my mind.  The one I settled on is this one of my best friend and her son.  He adores her and is such a silly guy.  I love the way his hand is on her neck and all the joy this captures.  He *might* be giving her a zerbert. *giggle*  It is his true expression of love.  That is why this picture definitely says LOVE to me.  Toddler love.

Sam liederhosen 2 copy Love  I Heart Faces February

I Heart Faces button Love  I Heart Faces February

signature 300x110 Love  I Heart Faces February


everyday moments little tootsies photography Keep on Clickin..Learn to capture your kids everyday.

All of the pictures above were taken in manual.  If I had left my camera on auto it would have chosen the flash for most of these pictures ruining the mood.  If the flash had not popped up, they would have just been blurry.  Why?  Shouldn’t the camera be smart enough to know?   Unfortunately no matter how much you pay for your camera, it will never be able to get these pictures right.  There are just too many factors at work.  I realize that most people don’t want to be a professional photographer.  That doesn’t mean that you can’t take pictures of your kids’ birthday parties, vacations, and soccer games that are awesome and then go out and hire a pro to photograph your family pictures. (*wink, wink*)

I want everyone to harness the power they have in their SLRs so they can capture their kids everyday life in a meaningful way.  It is so worth it to learn a little more so you can really feel good about the pictures you are taking.

This is why I am so excited to offer this workshop for beginners to learn about their SLR.  Now, I am not training people who want to be in business.   That is a whole different thing!  This is for moms and dads who want turn the dial off of auto, stop using the flash and understand what all the buttons and settings mean on their camera.

Here are the details:

camera workshop blog 773x1024 Keep on Clickin..Learn to capture your kids everyday.

Here are a few more things that just didn’t fit on the flyer..

In case you are wondering if you have the right camera to get the most out of this class here is a list of the most popular SLRs out there right now in order of cost:

good: Canon Digital Rebel T3, Canon Digital Rebel T2i, Nikon D3000, Nikon D5100 ($500-$650 with kit lens)

better: Canon Digital Rebel T3i, Canon 60D , Nikon D90 ($780-$980 body only)

best: Canon 7D, Canon 5D MarkII, Nikon D300, Nikon D7000, Nikon D700 ($1500-$2500 body only)

Please bring the kit lens that comes with your camera.  If you have another lens that is fixed (not a zoom) such as the 50mm 1.8 or 1.4 bring that along as well!

Also it is important that you bring your manual.  I am very familiar with how a camera works… but some cameras’ button locations are different than others.

Are you ready to SIGN UP?  Yipee!

Please email me at amandamsheehan@gmail.com or contact me via facebook and we will get the ball rolling. I have limited this class to 10 people so we can have some one on one time to go over your specific camera.  And if I get 10 people I will put all the names in a hat and one person will get their class for FREE!!  So call your friends and have them come too! icon smile Keep on Clickin..Learn to capture your kids everyday.

I am so excited to get you guys clicking away at home!  I can’t wait!

signature Keep on Clickin..Learn to capture your kids everyday.



Welcome to my blog!  I have gone round and round on how to kick this thing off.  In the end I decided to just start it with what will be the normal post.  No pressure.  It is amazing to me how stressful it is to think about writing a blog. icon smile W Family.. First on my blog

The W family was the last family I shot outside this year.  And good thing because it was C-O-L-D!!  But these guys rocked their session.  Here is how you can accomplish this… take a few pictures and then really quick put your jackets back on!  LOL!  Brother and Sister even cuddled together for warmth.  I don’t see my two kids doing this without some screaming going on!  *snicker*  However,  these guys were awesome together.

I was amazed at how quickly we were able to get finished.  The W fam were total pros.  I would get them into a pose and BAM.  Perfection.  Easy peasy.  Just check out the results!  Can you tell they are cold?  I sure can’t!  And I was there..freezing my fingers off!

w fam blog board ltp1 819x1024 W Family.. First on my blog

I just love this series up at the top of this board.  She was very determined to do her own thing out there in the field.  She even went WAY deeper than I had originally intended.  And that is saying something because I am pretty adventurous when it comes to traipsing around for good pictures!  Anyway, once we got out there she struck the first pose.  VERY serious.  Then she looked to see if I was actually shooting.  And then after letting her do her own thing for a bit I made a few suggestions and got the last shot.  LOVE!  And the sky back there with it’s little hint of pink is awesome!

blog board 799x1024 W Family.. First on my blog

 So if you followed me on Facebook this fall you have noticed that I developed an obsession with silhouettes.  They are soooo fun to take and participate in!  Every families is different and it show so much personality even without faces!!!  Anyway.. I couldn’t end this post without one.   The W Fam was the very first one to jump all at the same height.  Does this mean they are a very harmonious family?

family jumping silloutte little tootsies photography W Family.. First on my blog

Thanks for stopping by!  I hope to share my sessions here and some of my personal photos and fun I have with my kids!  So feel free to add me into your feed!

signature 300x110 W Family.. First on my blog